ID + Parking

Our software adjusts to the transformation of the future.

We have environmentally friendly technologies that optimize resources and are easy to configure, thus increasing your profits.

We innovate to offer you

real solutions tailored for you.

Automation and Control

Implement an automated cloud-based mobility system. Have control and monitor everything that happens in your parking by automating your equipment such as cashiers, plate recognition systems and automated barriers.

Reduce risks

Receive real-time notifications about vehicles with registers of any act of vandalism or theft. We have generated automated reports that reach the cloud if the license plate recognition camera identifies a vehicle with a risk register, these reports can be public or private depending on the configuration and level of risk.

We create a cloud environment that integrates apps and specialized equipment of parking.

Receive real-time notifications through automated reports uploaded to the cloud identifying vehicles with a risk register.

We are in the digital age, download our app iD+ Parking Movid in any device.

This app is ideal to take care of the environment by not continuing to use paper or plastic in the entry records, exit payment receipts and e-payments, since you can handle everything through the app with an innovative UX (user experience).

Technical support

We provide tech support and ongoing updating service at no additional cost.

Agile configuration

You can create multiples parking in only one company with user administration, roles, payment models, tax rate among many other services.

Payments, agreements, and subscriptions

You have the possibility to have a payment module that fits any customization; to generate agreements which will allow to obtain special rates for customers, cinema, gyms, among others, the validation could be done by using different devices or apps.

Our ID+PARKING platform is the strategic solution for industries and commerce.

Shopping centers


Business centers

Sporting events and venues

Parking lots

Government and regulated parking areas in cities


Universities and colleges

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